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You want ejaculating dildos that feeling of wonder and terror you had when you first started practising chastity. Many men who enjoy chastity do it for more than just orgasm denial. Elements of role reversal, dominance and submission, humiliation, bondage and many other sexual practises can become part of a chastity dynamic. As with all things in life, the material that your cock cage is made out of will matter quite a bit, especially when it’s time to strap it on. Furthermore, security and safety should always go hand-in-hand when picking out your next cock cage. You obviously want to get your penis out of jail at some point and especially if there’s an emergency.

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This is a belt with an attached crotch guard which is closed and locked at the center of the waist. The crotch guard includes a tube that is tailor-made. Our most restrictive chasity device is completely encloses the cock and balls into one compact unit. Cage 9 is designed from the ground up to integrate with a ball cage, we have eliminated the locking straps because with the ball cage in place, the trough can’t open.

  • When sizing the ring, you want to allow space for proper blood flow, but avoid having a loose enough ring that your testicles can escape, or the cage slides down the scrotum.
  • Nobody knows the package you’re receiving because there isn’t any information about the product.
  • The design is not just for the aesthetics – it is made to allow for the most comfortable wear imaginable.
  • In this pay to view I give you precise instructions on how to use these mantras for maximum effect.
  • It offers absolute discretion and an elegant design.
  • There are extreme male chastity devices available on the internet and this is your guide to know what is your type.

But like i said longest time in chastity been 2 weeks. Longest i been locked in in 1 go has been 2 weeks. Been in and out of it the past 2 years, its more of a play thing for us then a real lifestyle. The purpose of a cage is to prevent the wearer from having a full erection and make penile masturbation impossible.

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The example we will use today is the Munchkin Inverted screwed convertible model. The major difference between the inverted style male chastity cages and other chastity devices is that the penis is forced inside body cavity and held there when the cage is locked on. There is an option on the cages to use a catheter style penis plug so you can urinate without taking the cage off. I consider myself a very experienced person when it come to wearing cock cages, but I was surprised by how the cage felt my first time wearing one. It was a mix between looking and feeling like I had become a Eunuch with my shaft being removed. A very intense feeling indeed and one my dominatrix wanted me to experience repeatedly!

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A lot of couples love the idea of permanent male chastity or forced chastity. Every time you finish peeing, take a piece of toilet paper and wipe the tip of the cock cage. ExoBelt puts pressure on the exoskeleton, and not on your scrotum. Exobelt is very comfortable to wear over time.

A dominant partner can help determine how a submissive partner would go through this while ensuring male chastity. So, if you must cum in chastity, you can either take off your cage or do as your dominant partner commands. In a world where sex is king and fidelity seems a mirage, chastity appears impossible and heartbreak on the increase. Chastity cages appear to be one of the most potent BDSM tools in achieving male sexual chastity. However, you must go for the best chastity cage if you’re bothered about ‘putting your cock in order’.

The distance between the cage entrance and the base ring is called the gap. Even in the 21st Century, with all the world’s advanced technology, there is no way to measure the gap before ordering a chastity device. It remains a guesstimate subject to trial and error. But chastity device manufacturers do have some advice on the gap.

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Make sure you check the diameter of your penis before buying the device. You can pee standing up without making a mess. I highly recommend Lightweight Premium Chastity Device. It’s one of the best chastity cages available today.

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